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The Visionary

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I am Alaina Coates, a South Carolina kid; born and raised. However, a village nurtured me. I attended the public schools of Lexington/Richland counties and later joined the legendary Coach Dawn Staley and the Lady Gamecocks Women's Basketball team at the University of South Carolina. My journey from youth to adulthood, followed by world-wide travel as a professional athlete, has taught many lessons and afforded much gratification; but none more fulfilling than community outreach, public service and preparing the next generation. My passion for service and appreciation for helping others is deeply rooted; I have my village to thank for that. I found my village in:

Family: parents, relatives, friends, community

Academics: educators, professors, instructors

Athletics: coaches, teammates, trainers

Mentoring: pastor, church/community leaders, role models

Their support helped shape me, and now I have the opportunity to pay it forward through this foundation. God has given me talents and gifts. My talents are for performing, my gifts are for ministry. The Alaina Coates FAAM Foundation - dedicated to building strong youth, families and communities - is my ministry. The FAAM stands for family, academics, athletics and mentoring. I hope you will become a part of the FAAM, and help me bridge together families, academics, athletics and mentoring...because it takes a village.

We believe it takes a village: to raise a build strong unite communities.

Alaina Coates, Founder & Executive Director
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